Deaf Education in the Global South

Teresa Quail, Joy Rosenberg, Fred Marinus, Chris Kubwimana

Teacher Training Materials

Literacy for Deaf and hard of hearing children in Uganda and Tanzania
This is a collaborative resource created by Emmie Wienhoven, Project Manager for International Knowledge Exchange, Royal Dutch Kentalis, Generous Kazinda, Uganda, and Ezra Nathanael Ntazoya, Tanzania. They explain in this article how the material and training supports teachers in delivering the national curriculum while using Deaf and Hard of Hearing specific strategies for teaching, tools for building language skills and tools for reading instruction. Emmie also discussed the project at a BATOD National webinar in 2020.

Sexual Health Related
Deaf Media Kenya's “Silent Cry” is a graphic video story, in Kenyan Sign Language of one girl's sexual abuse and its consequences.

Deaf Child Worldwide in partnership with Sign Health Uganda developed the Birds and the Bees project. The project used a peer educator approach to teach deaf young people about issues such as sexual and reproductive health, so that they in turn can give advice, counselling and training to other deaf young people.

VSO International describes the Imbere Heza (Bright Futures) project, that works to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for marginalised and at-risk Deaf young people. 

A Project by THAMASO Zimbabwe in Partnership with Deaf People of Zimbabwe created a Sexual and Reproductive Health Sign Language Dictionary