Deaf Education in the Global South

Teresa Quail, Joy Rosenberg, Fred Marinus, Chris Kubwimana


World Health Organisation

World Hearing Forum 
2020- WHO World Hearing Day 2020 message 
2019- Protect and check your hearing 
2018- Hear the future
2017- Action for hearing loss - Making a sound investment
2016- Childhood hearing loss - act now 

Deaf Organisations and Charities

Deaf led 
DOOR International 
Deaf Ministries International Ltd 
Deaf in the Developing World 

Deaf Schools/Communication centre
Gallaudet University has created a list of contact information for international, national, and local-level deaf organizations in about 150 countries World Deaf Information Resource


West Bank - Effeta School in Bethlehem
Total Communication Centre in Al Bireh with the Palestine red crescent society 
Total Communication Centre in Al Bireh with animations, in a video clip you can also see some pupils working together: 
The “Ephpheta Paul VI” School, Bethlehem. 
Description - The Pontifical Institute “Ephpheta Paul VI” for the Audio-Phonetic Rehabilitation


Empowering Children with Disabilities

Uganda School for the Deaf Ntinda
Kinyinya School for the Deaf
St.Anthony's School for the Deaf
Celebrate and enjoy life with the Deaf children at St Anthony's School, Uganda | Deafway


NGO/INGO/International organisations and charities

Gallaudet University (A private university for deaf and hard-of-hearing students)
Office of International Office
Gallaudet’s link to international organisations
National Technical Institute for the Deaf - International Education Outreach

American based -  NGO
Verywell Health Ways to Healp Deaf People in Developing Countries 
The Borgen Project
Borgen Magazine
Deaf Child Hope

Visions Global Empowerment
Sign Health Uganda
Julia Lule Deaf Foundation
Deaf Link Uganda
Rob Hoskins

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss
DeafReach Program(Pakistan) Facebook link

Child in Need Institute-CINI

International Deaf Education Association

Global Partnership for Results-Based Approaches

UK based - INGO
Deaf Child Worldwide - deaf specific international development agency
Global Children’s charity 
DeafReach (UK/East Africa)
Signal (UK and Africa)

USA based
Quota International - Global focus
Signo International - Signo is a participant in international networks and development assistance 

CODA International  - Children of Deaf Adults 

Deaf International exchange program
Disability Rights Fund

Academic articles 
Deaf Studies Digital Journal : The Deaf World in Developing Countries
Hearing Health Care for Children in Developing Countries:A Global Perspective

Subscription program
A-Better-Africa is a directory platform for educational facilities and stakeholders. Through a subscription program, funders, development partners, donors, and program providers can connect to the educational institutions they support

A Better Africa works as a directory platform which features profiles utilised by schools, program providers such as those in literacy, numeracy, etc., and funders or development partners.