Understanding Curriculum

Dr. Abdul Jabbar Bhatti and Professor Dr. N. B. Jumani | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

1. Societal level

At the societal level, curriculum is developed by the federal level agencies, boards of education, publishers, and curriculum reform committees. The curriculum developed at this level is mostly based on theoretical knowledge and is mostly reflection of the educational policy rather than field experience. However, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students are also usually consulted to make it more practical. It is prescriptive and general, giving less space for individuality or local needs. Here, the politicians, corporate leaders and organizations are more influential in shaping the curriculum. However, the curriculum is then developed by the professional experts such as curriculum specialists, subject specialists and psychologists. It serves the egalitarian interests and brings uniformity throughout the country. For achieving the advantages of this type of curriculum, efforts are required for maximum alignment at state, district, school, and classroom level.