video supported collaborative learning

Case studies

In the ViSuAL project we carried out several experiments on VSCL. You can find short descriptions of a few of them here.

Video-supported collaborative learning MOOC

The VSCL MOOC will take you through the pedagogical and technological perspectives on video-supported collaborative learning. It was developed as part of the ViSuAL project, which has been co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Programme.

This MOOC is a non-stop MOOC which means you can sign-up and start studying at any time. We estimate you should spend about 10-12 hours working on the course depending on your level of engagement. The MOOC has three modules.

Business - Higher Education co-creation model

Making cooperation-partnerships between teachers, school and the company delivering the educational technology is useful. On the one hand because IT-persons, teachers and students may need explanations and help by installing, using and building confidence in using the educational technology environment.

Research and theoretical background

Collaborative learning and knowledge building

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