Radio aids – optimising listening opportunities: Guide

Gill Weston, Pauline Cobbold, Cate Statham and Helen Maiden with contributions by James Mander, Gary Webster and Brian Copsey | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

With hearing aids

Hearing aids can be connected to radio aids either through direct input leads, and connecting shoes, through connecting shoes which directly attach the receivers, via a neck loop or bluetooth streamer.

Hearing aids will either automatically connect to the radio aid, or need to be set up by an audiologist.  There may be a specific programme which is used for the radio aid.  To connect via a loop, the hearing aid needs to have a T or induction loop enabled.

The manuals that come with the systems explain how to use them.


Below are some links where you can find instructions and videos for setting up and ensuring that the levels are correct - balancing - using a test box.

Using Comfort Audio systems  - Roberts Audio solutions training materials

Quick User Guide to Balancing with FP35 test box

Using Genie, Amigo and Phonak Inspiro  - Ewing Foundation training videos

Using a Genie system  - Training video by Mary Hare and Ewing Foundation in conjunction with Connevans

Using Phonak Roger systems  -The Roger Verification Guide