Understanding Hearing Loss

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NDCS Booklets

The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) provide information, support, raise awareness and campaign for deaf children's rights. Parents and professionals supporting deaf children and young people can become a member and join for free.


NDCS booklet 'My baby has a hearing loss', provides information for families following the diagnosis of a hearing loss.
NDCS booklet 'Understanding your child's hearing tests' explains how the ear works and the different types of hearing loss. It provides information about the different types of hearing tests and explains how the results are recorded on an audiogram and how this relates to the sound of speech.
NDCS booklet 'Glue ear' is a guide for parents that explains what glue ear is and the cause. Information is provided about different treatments and ways to help.
Helping your deaf child to develop communication and language provides families with information about what helps commincation and language development and practical ideas to promote development.
Success from the Start is a developmental resource to monitor progress from birth to 3 years.
The monitoring protocol for deaf babies and children was designed to help parents/carers to monitor their child's progress, to provide information about early childhood development and to provide information about what the child will do next and how this can be supported.
NDCS booklet with information for families about Hearing aids. It provides an overview about the type and level of hearing loss and information about supporting hearing aid use. The booklet explains  how to look after hearing aids using the items included in a hearing aid care kit.
NCDS Cochlear implants booklet for families, explains how a cochlear implant works, the assessment process, surgery, initial stimulation and safety considerations.
Supporting the achievement of hearing impaired children in early years settings provides information for early years practitioners to promote inclusive environments and strategies to support children with all levels on hearing loss.
NDCS Booklet 'Deaf-friendly teaching' provides information for primary school staff.
'At least one child in your class could have a mild hearing loss'  is an NDCS booklet which outlines the signs of a mild hearing loss and provides advice to teachers about steps that can be taken to help promote access to learning.                                   
'Creating good listening conditions for learning in education' has been written to provide information for education settings about the importance of the listening environment and how this can be improved.
This NDCS factsheet has been written for families to provide them with information about 'Creating good listening conditions for learning in education.' It explains why good listening conditions are important and provides information about what parents/carers should consider before their child's start nursery or school.