Understanding Hearing Loss

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Early intervention resource developed by Advanced Bionics using music to stimulate early speech and listening skills. You can download the App from iTunes or Google Play. DIY musical instruments and the BabyBeats Notes can be accessed in the HearingSuccess portal.

An open source resource portal, designed by Advanced Bionics, to support your families on their  Hearing Journey. Within the HearingSuccess portal you will find :




Resources to support you with the BabyBeats APP, BabyBeats NOTES for monitoring speech and listening milestones and DIY BabyBeats, fun videos on how to make your own musical instruments.




There are also more resources to support toddlers such as:
Listening Room- over 300 activities to promote speech, listening and language development 







Musical Journey and Neptunes Bath Songs- Fun interactive PDF books with musical track











 Further information about the benefit of music for developing early language can found in this MESHGuide.




 Tools for Toddlers is a number of free resources developed by Advanced Bionics to help support the development of early language.




 The Ling Six Sound Check is one of the resources in this pack.






Tools for Schools Resource Pack to support the you for troubleshooting and listening checks like the LING 6 sound checks and tracking auditory progress.


 Sound foundation for babies is a resource for parents developed by Cochlear, to guide the development of spoken language through listening. Information is provided over a 40 week programme that has downloads for audition, receptive language, expressive language, speech, songs, rhymes and stories.


Sound foundation for toddlers follows on from Sound Foundation for Babies supporting parents through the second year after cochlear implantation.


The Integrated Scales of Development produced by Cochlear track child development from birth to 48 months in the areas of listening, receptive language, expressive language, speech, cognition and pragmatics. It is accompanied by a tracking and monitoring form.






 Little Listeners is a resource developed by MED-EL for parents to support a young child developing communcation skills.

Further resources from MED-EL are available here.






Thinking Together to Mind the Gap is a resource that MED-EL has developed for professionals to explain Theory of Mind, the development of Theory of Mind skills and how this is related to listening and language. Ideas and practical activities are included.








'Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with children from Infancy to Adolescence' is a guide for parents suggesting activities and games to support the development of executive function and self-regulation.






 The child's 'red book' (a personal NHS health record), is included in this guide so that professionals working with young children, can access the checklists that have been given to parents for observing reactions to sounds from birth to 12 months and the checklists for making sounds from 4 months to 36 months.