Early Childhood Education/Early Years

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Early Childhood Education/Early Years
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Detailed advice about what can be expected of children at different ages and stages is given in the following three documents.

The first, from UNICEF indicates different development stages of children in different regions.

Unicef’s Early Childhood Development Resource (2003, Module 3, doc. 3.9d: Assessing Development in Early Childhood) provides an overview of standards to assess young children’s development in different countries and regions. The areas of development included are language and literacy; social and emotional development; gross and fine motor skills; logic and reasoning; and approaches to learning.


The second and third from England both have detailed tables showing expected development every few months for the preschool child.

Guidance on children’s learning and development for parents (4Children, 2015)  https://www.foundationyears.org.uk/files/2015/09/4Children_ParentsGuide_Sept_2015v4WEB1.pdf

EYFS Early Years Outcomes (DfE, 2013)– Guide for practitioners - https://www.foundationyears.org.uk/files/2012/03/Early_Years_Outcomes.pdf