Early Childhood Education/Early Years

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Early Childhood Education/Early Years
Effective learning
Activities and Types of Play
Case Studies

About this guide

This MESHGuide has been developed and checked by members of the MESH Early Years Editorial Board. It provides collective wisdom of experienced teachers and researchers, supported by a summary of existing research on early years education and child development. Contributors draw on evidence and experience in more than ten countries, developed and developing, including with children in crisis situations in Africa, Asia, and with refugees in the UK. We invite readers to expand the Guide by submitting case studies and by drawing our attention to relevant research and advice.

The evidence underpinning the resources here comes from a wide range of countries and academic disciplines: neuroscience, psychology, physical development, linguistics, child development. Where evidence exists of the efficacy of an activity or programme this is given at the relevant place in the Guide.

There is a lot of replication of existing research and one of the aims of MESH is to highlight where there are gaps in research so that these can be targeted and so wastage of resources can be minimised.