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Early Childhood Education/Early Years
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Croydon SENCO Tool Kit

(See https://www.croydon.gov.uk/education/special-educational-needs/sen-education/croydon-senco-portal/croydon-senco-toolkit-0/identifying-pupils-with-send))

The guidance includes:

Resource 1: Flowchart to map process for identifying pupils who require SEN support in schools.

Resource 2: Talking with Pupils (Pupil voice) - Information and resources to support engagement with pupils to identify strengths and barriers to learning.

Resource 3: Talking with Parents (Parents views and wishes) – Information and resources to support positive engagement and shared understanding of strengths and difficulties.

Resource 4: Inclusion Checklist – Descriptors of high quality inclusive practice to audit inclusive practice in daily teaching. This checklist can be used to support lesson observations and discussions with class and subject teachers.

Resource 5: What other circumstances can affect pupil progress and achievement?

Resource 6: Directory of useful checklists and diagnostic tools to support further assessment or pupils across the four broad categories of need.