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Global resources on Hand Washing: staying safe

'A Germ's Journey' is a global package of innovative educational resources for young children to learn about germs and hand washing and how this links with their health. An interactive book and website have been developed by a multidisciplinary team (microbiology, education and psychology

Germs Journey is an interdisciplinary research project resulting in the co-creation of resourced-based interventions (including books, webgames, videos and posters) that have enhanced understanding of the importance of handwashing, germ transfer and disease development, thereby leading to improved handwashing. 

The resources are now utilised across three continents (UK, Asia and West Africa) in schools, museum exhibits, community centres and refugee camps. Reaching 145,285 people thus far, the ‘Germ’s Journey’ health-education intervention has demonstrated that our multi-component resources improve handwashing behaviour in children (3-5 years) and enhance knowledge of germ transfeand is reducing contraction of diseases such as diarrhoea associated with poor hygiene. Most recently, the resources have been developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in line with WHO guidelines stating that handwashing is the most effective strategy for prevention of infection.


Germs Journey website link -Join Us On A Germ's Journey | A Germ's Journey

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