Deaf Education in the Global South

Teresa Quail, Joy Rosenberg, Fred Marinus, Chris Kubwimana

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Deaf Education Beyond the Western World

Eighteen of the 21 chapters in the book Brons, Knoors, Marschark (2019) Deaf Education Beyond the Western World. Oxford University Press, are essentially country-wide case studies.  These cover many African, Asian and South American countries. 

Since 2013, each issue of the British Society of Audiology’s magazine, Audacity  has two features related to the aim of this MESHGuide when the feature focus is pediatric, which are 

Ear Globe ‘an opportunity to find out about audiology around the world’ and 
Ear Reach ‘find out about the latest charity and humanitarian work going on with audiology in the UK and abroad.  

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Here is a list of issues and countries covered:

Audacity ‘Ear Reach’ Articles

April 2016
Deafkidzinternational- Want to make a difference to the lives of deaf children globally?
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime: from charity toward the first independent audiology service in Malawi  

Winter 2015
The work of hearing aid companies in the charity sector:
Hear the World Foundation: Better Hearing for a Better Future (the Sonova Group)
Battling waiting lists in Africa: Donating hearing aids alone is not doing the trick (GN Resound)

Spring 2015
The Ear Foundation: a third sector organisation. “Landing technology in the community.”
Hearing Link: delivering life-changing interventions for people with all levels of hearing loss

Winter 2014
No Ear Reach

Autumn 2014 
Smiles, tears, cows, chaos and colour: a trip to Bangladesh

Spring 2014
Deafinitely inclusive sport
Serendipity and seven trips to Kenya (Aud-Med)

Winter 2013
Ear and Hearing Health in North Korea

Autumn 2013
Ear Aid Nepal 2013: Chainpur
Humanitarian audiology: how the BSA can help


Asian countries

Many schools for the Deaf in the majority world (the global south) had a faith-based start.  This link to an updated archive from such a school in the Philippines illustrates some of the forward-thinking practices such as a focus on deaf indigenous leadership.  

Sri Lanka
Blog post by Thilanka Wijesinghe, a Lecturer at the Department of Disability Studies, University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. She is also a doctoral student at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

Often audiology missions link closely with deaf education.  Such was the case for an ENT surgical ear camp with EarAid Nepal which also brought visitors into contact with children with permanent hearing loss in need of education.  See slide show at ; and Audacity magazine article on page 60

After one such visit, the following document collating a list of services for the deaf in Nepal was developed to be available to future camps. 


African countries

Deaf Child Worldwide blog 


South American countries
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