Deaf Education in the Global South

Teresa Quail, Joy Rosenberg, Fred Marinus, Chris Kubwimana


Policy example 
Source: Empowering Children with Disabilities (EmCD) and Nyabihu School for the Deaf, in Western Rwanda.

Story of one girl's sexual abuse and its consequences- “Silent Cry” - Kenyan Sign Language Film (Deaf Media Kenya)

Stuart Harrison gives an insight to his recent work with DeafKidz International which was founded in 2014 in response to the abuse of deaf children in sub-Saharan Africa. DKI is emerging as the global leader for the protection and safeguarding of deaf children and young people centred on four key objectives: screening, communication, parents & families plus victims & survivors.


DeafKidz International published this an intelligence briefing that "acts as a situational analysis of current perspectives and evidence on the sexual exploitation and abuse of children with disabilities online. It was compiled by DeafKidz International working in partnership with WePROTECT Global Alliance and Childhood USA."